Message from the President


Steve Branham, chair of the Nominating Committee for Lansdowne Neighborhood Association, is nearing completion of the slate of officers/directors for 2013 to be presented for election at the General Meeting of LNA, November 28, 2012.

There is, however, one hitch. The by-laws stipulate that “No officer shall serve for more than two consecutive terms.” They also require officers to have served at least one year as a director. Steve has approached current officers and directors who are eligible to be elected president about being nominated for the position and all have declined. Steve and George Ely, immediate past president, asked if I would consider taking the position for another year. I sited the above stipulation since I will complete a second term at the end of 2012. They asked me to contact Judy Worth and Sharron Townsend, who were on the Board when the by-laws were adopted, and ask them for suggestions. Judy and Sharron suggested that we propose the following amendment to the by-laws to be voted on at the General Meeting.

Article VIII. Officers
No officer shall serve for more than two (2) consecutive terms. However, if after a thorough search there is no eligible nominee for the named position, an officer who has served for two (2) terms may be elected for one (1) additional term.