Written History

LNA Timeline

1995         Lansdowne Neighborhood Association is incorporated.

1997     First neighborhood entrance sign is constructed at east entrance near Tates Creek and median is landscaped by Beautification Committee.

1998         Street lights installed on Lansdowne Drive, sale of Lansdowne Club announced by the Lansdowne Company (JW Davis & CB McEachin). 

1999         Club is purchased by the Lansdowne Club, LLC, which is jointly owned by the Linda K Varney Living Trust, and Lansdowne Club Members Association, Inc.  LNA agrees to support purchase. 

2000         At request of neighborhood, LNA opposes request for a variance to reduce building set back for a side yard on Lansdowne Estates Drive from 40’ to 15’.  Board of Adjustment denies request for variance. 

2001         At request of neighborhood, LNA Board opposes request by Varney Trust and Lansdowne Club LLC to rezone Club property and permit construction of ~26 town homes in flood plain behind existing Club House.  Request to rezone property is denied.

LNA Board secures structural inspection of bridge at Lansdowne Estates and Zandale Drive.

LNA Board advocates with city for repair of sanitary sewer line along Zandale after repeated sanitary sewer overflows and repeated high fecal coliform (e. coli) results in creek. 

2002         Zandale Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project is completed at cost of ~$1,000,000 along Zandale Drive and behind the Lansdowne Shoppes. First mailing of LNA newsletter to all Lansdowne residents (~900 households) LNA Board, at request of neighborhood, opposes zone change request before Planning Commission and Urban County Council to permit construction of 8 to 10 town homes on Raven Road and Lansdowne Drive. 

2005         LNA receives Neighborhood Action Match grant of $780.00 to purchase neighborhood logo decals for enhanced 911 street signs. LNA agrees to support purchase of the Lansdowne Club by Ron and Troy Turner.  LNA secures a Covenant restricting residential development on Club property subject to certain conditions. LNA sponsors “spring clean up” in Zandale Park and along the creek. 

2006        The Lansdowne Club reopens as The Signature Club of Lansdowne. 

LNA Board conducts neighborhood issues survey—Traffic and Safety, Neighborhood Infrastructure, Planning and Zoning, and Code Enforcement. LNA receives $4,214 Capital Improvement Grant and plants 32 replacement/additional trees along Lansdowne Drive. LNA receives $800 Neighborhood Development Grant to refurbish original entrance sign. LNA Traffic and Safety Committee and Board work with LFUCG Traffic Engineering, Council member Linda Gorton, and Ron and Troy Turner to reduce traffic hazards for pedestrians and automobiles along Lansdowne Drive.  New speed limit and caution signs and speed posting device are installed.  City traffic engineers meet with LNA at Signature Club with suggestions for “safety striping” to be used in Zandale-Lansdowne intersection to assure pedestrian safety. LNA Traffic and Safety Committee and Linda Gorton work with Traffic Engineering and Kentucky Highway Department to install traffic lights at Lansdowne Drive/Reynolds Road intersection. LNA Board works with Raven Road Residents and The Signature Club of Lansdowne to reduce on street parking along Raven Road during swim meets and other “overflow” events at the Club. LNA publishes first membership directory. 

2007         LNA Board revises Association Bylaws, expands Board membership. At request of neighborhood, LNA Board opposes request to rezone properties on Raven Road to permit construction of a branch bank and parking lot. LNA installs new entrance sign near western boundary of neighborhood. Traffic and Safety Committee continues work.  City paints recommended “safety stripes” on Lansdowne Drive in front of Signature Club at LNA request. 

2008      LNA Board secures agreement with LFUCG to install glass recycling bins behind the Lansdowne Shoppes. LNA Green Team completes major beautification project along Lansdowne median. 

2009      LNA Board secures amendments to Deed of Restrictive Covenants with The Signature Club in association with the rezoning of a portion of the property on Lansdowne Drive to permit the opening of a commercial restaurant.  LNA Board supports LFUCG’s “Tates Creek Sidewalks” Project.  LNA receives environmental grant to clean up West Hickman Creek along Lansdowne Drive and behind The Lansdowne Shoppes.  LNA Beautification Team completes new median landscaping in 8 cul de sacs.  LNA Board works with Raven Road residents to secure one-side only parking.  LNA Environmental Committee works to expand recycling behind The Lansdowne Shoppes.  LNA Archives Committee receives funding from the Kentucky Oral History Commission and begins recording oral histories of Lansdowne residents and associates.

2010      LNA holds first rain barrel lottery, using funding from the 2009 Neighborhood and Community Sustainability grant.  The Environmental Committee works with The Lansdowne Company and the Fresh Market to locate three recycle bins for public use behind The Lansdowne Shoppes.  LNA membership reaches a record 344 households.  The Beautification Committee organizes a median blitz to clean up the Lansdowne Drive median and Beautification and the Environmental Committee organize Phase 1 of the Zandale Park Clean Up.  The Archives Committee increases the number of record histories online to 20.  The LNA Board votes to purchase Officers and Directors liability insurance.